The people’s message to Angela Merkel is loud and clear: GET OUT!

That’s what protesters were chanting outside of a conference on this year’s German Unity Day ceremony. Hundreds of protesters gathered in Dresden City Centre this past October, shouting insults and whistling at German Chancellor, Angela Merkel and other politicians as they entered the building.

The anti-migrant protesters were gathered in support of the PEGIDA movement. PEGIDA, Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West, is a group that was founded in Dresden in 2014 to resist the threat of Islamic extremism in European countries.

This is not the first time Angela Merkel has been criticized for her policies. Her legacy has been under fire for her decision to welcome more than 890,000 refugees, the majority of whom are Muslims, into Germany.

Crowds called for Merkel’s resignation and shouted, ‘Traitor!’

Security has been increased for German leaders due to violent incidents, thwarted bomb threats, and even police cars being set on fire, in what German authorities called ‘xenophobic’ attacks.

Supporters of PEGIDA have been accused of xenophobia by many critics. But they are living with the consequences of Merkel’s immigration policy – migrants are sexually assaulting women, taking over public spaces, and creating ‘male-only’ businesses throughout Germany and France.

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