U.S. District Judge Wiley Daniel might be one of the few leaders not neutered by the Obama administration. He destroyed whatever hopes the wimpy liberals had of stealing the Colorado Electoral votes from Donald Trump, but what he had to make electors do with their vote is actually rather sad for a reason that Millennials seem to be missing.

Donald Trump (left), U.S. District Judge Wiley Daniel (right)

The judge has determined the electors will vote for the presidential candidate who “officially won the state.” Wash your hands before you suck your thumb, feckless electors.

Here it is, over one month after Donald Trump completely trounced Hillary Clinton in one of the most brutal, emotionally charged, vitriolic presidential campaigns since the 1876 race between Rutherford B Hayes (Republican) vs Samuel Jones Tilden (Democrat); and the left still refuses to accept Trump as their president because of a Popular Vote.

However, the popular vote doesn’t mean that Mrs. Clinton was more acceptable than Mr. Trump, and I think that’s what the Millennials are missing. They are thinking that “popular vote” means more people like Hillary than President-elect Trump; when the Popular vote really means populous vote, indicating she won in the states that have the most people living there per square mile.

The number of electoral votes a state receives depends upon the number of people. New York, California, and Florida have most of the electoral votes because they are highly populated. On the other hand, states that have a lower amount of people living there per square mile, such as Montana and Wyoming, will have a smaller number of electoral votes.

Heavily populated, metropolitan cities and states could override the will of and drown out the voices of the states who have more land than people. This is the reason the Electoral votes MUST remain in place — so that all Americans have a say in the direction of their country.

In spite of the backhanded crap that the Democrats tried to pull to steal the election, it didn’t work. The mighty hand of God was upon the race. Soros tried to cheat using the voting machines, but the people were vigilant and caught most of them. Workers tried to throw away paper ballots dedicated to Mr. Trump, and most all of them were caught. Poll watchers were bullied at many stations, but they stood their ground and reported the districts involved.

Obama told illegals that they could vote, and nothing would happen to them. A sitting president encouraged people to break the law. Unbelievable. Pictures and videos were leaked that appeared to show Hillary celebrating her win before the final count, confident that all of their underhanded shenanigans worked. Time Magazine already had the Madam President issue ready to go.

Hundreds showed up at the Javits Convention Center in high spirits and then watched in horror as their entire world came crumbling down around them. Bleary-eyed, they looked up at the big screen tv and saw that Donald Trump was the next POTUS. And, after they had their collective meltdown, all of the little pigs went wee wee wee all the way home to grab a safety pin and crawl under a desk or something. Just Pathetic.

The entitled little pinheads began to answer Craigslist ads calling for sore losers to riot, picket, and harass the electors into voting for Hillary, or anyone but Mr. Trump, all because their candidate lost the race. And, now this. Electors trying to get out of their constitutional duty to vote the will of the people.

If Judge Daniel would have granted these fools the right to vote for whoever they please, every elector in every state that had personal issues accepting the results would have tried to get out of casting their vote for Mr. Trump. Soros would have paid them all off!

As a matter of fact, Daniel said, “Part of me thinks this is really a political stunt to prevent Donald Trump from becoming president.” Me too, judge, and the fact that such a ruling even needed to be made is sad!

Electors do not have the right to vote what their conscience tells them. They must vote the will of the people, and that means even if the electors have a personal issue with President-elect Trump. If he won their state, they are morally obligated to vote for him on December 19th. The final tally proved that Trump had 306 votes, and Hillary only had 232 — clear win, a clear landslide.

Any elector who wants to go rogue should be removed immediately. It is high time these tyrants realize they are our servants, they work for us, not the other way around.