Most Americans are aware of the incident in which a gay man verbally attacked Ivanka Trump and her children before being thrown off a JetBlue airplane. Although the man may have thought attention would slowly fade, he’s learning that it’s not quite that easy to live down what he did as he just got the worst news of his life – and it only took one week for it to fully set in.

Mad World News previously reported on Matthew Lasner and his gay partner, Dan Goldstein, after the two decided to go after Donald Trump’s daughter after merely laying eyes on her. Proving that they weren’t provoked to such behavior, the idiots demonstrated premeditation of the attack by tweeting out (which they later tried to cover up by deleting) their intent before actually berating Ivanka.

Unfortunately for the idiots, it looks like karma is about to come full circle and bite them in the backside as they just got the worst news of their life. According to Young Conservatives, a petition is going around calling for Hunter College, Lasner’s employer, to fire the professor for the “immature and cruel” actions he and his partner engaged in.

“Matt Lasner’s conduct is a direct representation of Hunter College. We believe his immature and cruel harassment of Ivanka Trump and her family at JFK airport should be met with disciplinary action,” the petition says.

“The fact that someone who would be involved in such conduct is teaching students is very troubling. We are petitioning that Hunter College take ACTION,” it says.

“Someone like Mr. Lasner, who would harass a mother and her child simply trying to go about their day, does not deserve the honor of teaching,” the petition continues.

Although the petition only had about 6,000 signatures earlier today, it has since exploded and currently has over 40,000 at the time of this writing. Of course, that number is quickly on the rise and will officially have the attention of the University in no time.

Scumbag Matthew Lasner (left) is about to get some seriously bad news after verbally accosting Ivanka Trump (right) a full week ago

Liberals claim to be shining examples of “tolerance” but their actions strongly refute such a notion. In fact, the left has proven themselves to be nothing more than whining brats who are incapable of losing in a gracious manner.

Attacking the daughter of the man they dislike simply because she’s related to him is beyond asinine. Let’s see how Lasner likes being treated the same way and getting fired for being related to the man who verbally assaulted her. What comes around, goes around.