Obama made a pure ugly treason these days! Voting against Israel in UN is one thing, but now we know that he even planned the attack on Israel! OH GOD THAT IS UGLY!

Israel has what they are calling “hard evidence” that Obama was behind the anti-Israel, anti-Christian UN draft and will turn it over to Trump.

If you didn’t realize, Obama helped draft the anti-Israel UN draft that turned over major holy sites to Muslims. They even sent out Joe Biden to lobby for it getting passed.


Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is stating explicitly that it was (soon to no longer be my) President Obama who was the driving force behind the UN’s xenophobic attack against Israel last week.

They also are declaring that they have proof that Obama led the attack on the tiny Jewish state, and that they’ll present it to President-Elect Trump.

Israel’s ambassador to the United States said Tuesday that the country will present President-elect Donald Trump with “evidence” that the Obama administration orchestrated an anti-settlement resolution at the United Nations Security Council on Friday.

Progressive Jews of America owe the Jews of Israel a giant apology for giving Obama cover to attack them on the global stage.

He empowered Iran, empowered Hamas, empowered the Muslim Brotherhood in America and around the world. Sadly, Progressive American Jews willingly and eagerly allowed themselves to be used as window dressing for Obama’s attack against the Jews of Israel.

Thank god that we have Trump who is going to protect Israel!

Israel is practically a part of America! Israel is the holy land, and we are the strongest Christian nation! We have holly goal to protect Israel forever!

Obama has officially turned over Israel’s holiest sites to Islamist groups. This is despicable!

He refused to veto a Security Council resolution to condemn the settlement construction in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. Jewish leaders are obviously very upset with the move.

Israel has evidence that Obama was behind the U.N. resolution. They are going to turn it over to Donald Trump.

Look what Trump said today:

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