Before we get too much into Harry Reid’s trip into the fantasy world that exists between his ears, it’s important to not forget that had Hillary Clinton not been trading in American secrets, not been caught covering it up and not stubbornly insisted on trying to run out the clock through the election as her tactic to avoid accountability, there would have been no need for a last minute Jim Comey decision on her emails.

Reid’s asked if anything in the intelligence briefings he’s had indicate that Russia was trying to sway the election towards Donald Trump. He replies, “Any of the briefings I’ve had, have appeared in the, I didn’t know anything there I haven’t heard in the press.” He then goes on to cite generally the “reliable” mainstream media reports, which were all regurgitations of the Clinton campaign accusations that the Russian were responsible for the DNC hacks and WikiLeaks emails, as fact. He continues the process they started, repeating them as fact, just as some of their partisans inside the intelligence community are doing.

Reid makes the point that nothing was leaked from the RNC, as if the RNC was up to the same crooked politics that the DNC was or that their candidate was a treasonous greedy hack with similar vulnerabilities and a pedophile lobbyist campaign manager. Reince Priebus stated on Sunday that he had the FBI come in and check their system and it had not been breached. No breach combined with nothing to hide equals no hack.

Harry is a little miffed that Comey didn’t respond to his August letter personally, in which he demanded “appropriate action.” The truth was coming out and he wanted it stopped. It’s not like Comey is a Nevada Rancher sighted in a BLM scope, how would he respond and why? The reason for Comey not snapping to like a good puppy is obvious to Reid, “he was a partisan in all of this.” Of course that doesn’t explain why he let her off the hook in the first place, just a month before Harry wrote his letter.

Reid, having already made it clear that none of the crap he’s spreading on this slice of bread came from intelligence briefings or any source outside of the Clinton propagandists, told the interviewer, “And we know, from other reports we’ve seen from all you guys, there were reports in the (oops, can’t cite specifics), people in the campaign for Donald Trump were in touch with the Russians and now it’s very clear. Name a name Harry, unless you don’t have one.

Harry gets cornered by a claim he made in correspondence in which he insisted that Comey was sitting on explosive information about close ties and coordination between Trump and the Russian government. Asked what he was basing that on, Reid responded snidely, “If anyone can read the English language, all they have to do is read the press. Has nothing to do with briefings I have had from the intelligence community, period.” In other words he’s repeating and further entrenching the propaganda and lies that the media received originally from the Clinton campaign. Harry is quoting fake news and is still relying upon mainstream media laundering of campaign talking points into faux facts.

The reporter, Manu Raju, presses Reid asking, “What evidence existed there were ties and coordination before the election between the Trump campaign and the Russian government? Reid admits he’s just parroting by once again stating his case as, “There were reports in the press, for heaven’s sake.” Asked what he’s referring to specifically, Reid replies, “Well, I can’t respond to a specific single item but they were all over.

He asks Reid if Trump is illegitimate because of the accusations he’s raising. Reid says Trump won under our system, “we accept that,” although that doesn’t mean they’re going to shut up about it. He goes on to blame Comey and WikiLeaks, not the criminality that brought them into play. That’s the Democrat end justifies the means mindset. Clinton’s criminality is not an issue – the act of revealing it is.