Sheriff Paul Babeu can barely contain his enthusiasm for what lies ahead after January 20th. It’s a time when he and other law enforcement professionals, both local and at the federal level, finally get to return to doing the job the people pay them to do. It’s the wondrous time when the obstructionist scofflaws currently occupying and abusing positions will be kicked to the curb.

They play a couple of quotes from President-elect Trump during his thank you tour stop in Cincinnati. In one he pledges to restore our sovereignty, a huge commitment that is diametrically opposed to what we would have been enslaved to under the corrupt globalist Democrats. In two others Trump says “We will finally end illegal immigration” and “We will construct a great wall at the border.”

The interview is prefaced with an observation that Trump had been criticized for appearing to soften his stance, which was a concern shared by many after some of his recent comments. Sheriff Babeu is asked about the level of commitment from the president-elect. Babeu says “They were never listening to Donald Trump if they thought this was not going to happen. He said it was going to happen, he’s never wavered, he’s the next president of the United States, and anybody who doubts his very clear plans and intentions, this is one of his top promises, he will deliver. He’s a man of his word.”

The interviewer notes the most basic fact that is sometimes lost in this day of an outlaw in the White House, that federal law prohibits illegal immigration into the United States. He asks, “Is there a rational response from them?” Babeu tries to come up with one, saying, “It’s overblown and often times you hear these over-the-top attacks against President-elect Trump and others, like myself and countless millions of Americans who clearly want a secure border, who want the laws of our country enforced, who want to put – not illegals or people from foreign countries, though some of them have very significant concerns and a plight, but put Americans and our families and our national security first.

He continues, “And President-elect Trump has said that and that’s what he’s going to do because it’s not just about Mexicans, it’s people from Central America and from all over the world who abuse this porous Southwest border.

In response to a question about the anti-cop, pro-illegality agenda and environment so deftly crafted by the student of Alinsky occupying the White House, Babeu says, “We’re in a very polarized society,” describing his pride at the lengths to which Trump has attempted to bring the citizens of this nation together.

His excitement gets the better of him as he notes that while legal immigration will continue and that our levels are the highest in the world, “For all these people that think there’s a revolving door and for these criminals who have been protected under Barack Obama, those days are done. In a month we’re going to go after those criminals and send them back out of this country.” Since Babeu lost his reelection bid for sheriff and his Congressional race, speculation is that his future border protection efforts will be in a federal capacity, perhaps in CBP in the incoming Trump administration.